About Me

When I'm not working on UX design, I'm probably enjoying one of the following:

I also plan bi-weekly design meetups alongside my friend Alexandra Jimenez for the #yourportfoliosux meetup that we started (bonus points if you caught the cheeky innuendo in the name). We started this meetup to support fellow designers that are new to the field, in hopes it would help ease their transition into design and make some friends along the way. Topics range from design challenges to portfolio critiques featuring guest speakers in the local community. Alex and I really enjoy this, and hearing the positive feedback from attendees has been so rewarding.

My Background

I got my bachelor’s degree in Biology from FIU's Honors College. During my time as an undergrad student, I conducted psychology research and presented research findings at academic conferences. I then enrolled in Medical School at FIU, but longed for a career that would better suit my desire to create. After learning about UX design, I knew it was the ideal career for me! UX design allows me to use my empathetic qualities and knowledge of research, while harnessing my creative tendencies and attention to detail. I completed Ironhack's intensive UX/UI design bootcamp and now love creating and optimizing seamless user experiences.