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I'm a UX/UI Designer with a passion for creating pleasing and seamless experiences.
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Mobile app

A language education company wanted to go digital to help a wider range of people learn Spanish. The problem is that many users give up on language learning apps. The mobile app I designed addresses this issue.

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AH Care
Mobile app + Web App
Password Protected

The company I work for decided to create a platform for patients seeking care from medical marijuana licensed doctors. Users of the platform would include patients, doctors (mobile app), and office staff (back office web app).

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Responsive Website

Classic.com is a website for discovering information about classic cars, including saving listings and tracking car market value over time.

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Add a Feature: Yelp
Mobile app

For this redesign concept, I was challenged to add a feature to a popular mobile app. I chose Yelp, a company that allows people to write and read reviews on a variety of business types. I refined their current wait time feature to better meet user needs.

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